The Team

David Bowen

State Representative and Current DPW 1st Vice Chair

Tammy Wood

Chair, Democratic Party of Sauk County

Alicia Lorta

University of Wisconsin Student and Youth Organizer

From Democratic Moments to Movements!

From Democratic Moments to Movements!
-We must have vision beyond 2020 & preparing for 2022 redistricting starts now.

-All donors are equal! Build our reliance on repeated small dollar donations alongside donors of larger means.

-Division is the biggest threat to our party! DPW must be an official Anti-Oppression organization and be open to all who share our values.

Unleash the Potential of our Party

Unleash the Potential of our Party
-All districts count no matter how blue or red, and our candidates & voters must not be taken for granted! With increased Democratic voter turnout we win.

-Democratic strength in all 72 counties must be permanent. We must increase local infrastructure, membership, and authentic engagement.

-Compensate our campaign workers equitably for the hard work they do! Let's end parachuting and ensure organizers are connected to the areas they organize.

Give Young People a Voice

Give Young People a Voice
-Give the largest voting block in America, our Young People, a seat at the table because their voice matters!

-Engaging students at WI's High Schools, Tech Colleges & Universities to vote and organize to increase young voter turnout!

-No more unpaid internships at the DPW! A homegrown talent pipeline is necessary for our long term sustainability.

what is one fundamental change the dpw should make?

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In order to vote for David, Tammy, and Alicia at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin convention on June 1st and June 2nd in Milwaukee, you must be a delegate.

Click here for more information about the convention. You can still attend the convention as a guest even if you aren't a delegate or alternate.